What is a Fotothon?

Fotothon is a unique PHOTOGRAPHY  RACE  wherein  you have to shoot and submit your photos in 24 hrs on a given theme/topic.

What type of a camera is required to participate?

Any digital camera of 5 megapixel and above is required for participation

What is the age limit for participation?

There is no specific upper limit, For the lower age limit the participant should be studying in college ( i.e. not for  school students) . Therefore 18 yrs and above.

I am not a professional photographer, I have a small point & shoot camera of 7 megapixel. Can I participate ?

YES, anybody with a Digital camera of 5 MP and above can participate, there is no restriction on the equipments,type, make, cost etc.

Can I participate in all the catagories of FOTOTHON?

YES, one can participate in any one or all the catagories of FOTOTHON.

How many photos can I shoot in the span of 24 hrs?

There is no limit on the number of photos you shoot, but you have to choose the best of the lot and then submit it in various catagories.

Do I have to personally come to submit my photos at MNPS?

NO, after you have completed your shoot you have to upload your photos on www.fotothon.in before the end of the deadline of 24 hrs.

Where can I go to shoot my photos?

In the span of 24 hrs you are free to travel any where in the city, state or the country. But you have to return back within 24 hrs.

What are the different categories for Participation?

There are 4 categories for participation viz:


The participants can participate in any one, two or all the Four categories.


What are the Entry Fees to Participate in FOTOTHON?

ENTRY Fee : General Category : Rs. 300/- 

                        With T-Shirt          : Rs. 500/-

How Do I pay the Entry Fees ?

You can pay online through our online registration OR pay cash in person.

Please go to registration page to learn more.

Can I cancel or transfer my registration to somebody else?

You can cancel your registration, but the entry fee is not refundable.

Registration is NON TRANSFERABLE.

What are the modes of Registration?

Online registration : Register Online Now


Offline registration:

Maharashtra Nature Park Society,
Dharavi, Sion,
Mumbai, 400017