About Fotothon

FOTOTHON: It’s a unique race of 24 hours given to those who are passionate about nature and photography.

Mother Earth is gradually running out of time, therefore in a span of 24 hrs the participant has to put his acts together and shoot pictures that depict the GOOD Nature, BAD things afflicted on Environment and the UGLY scenario created by, We the humans.

One simple yet striking picture can be enough to inspire the whole country to stand up, act to save the planet and this picture could have been clicked by you.

This Fotothon is to celebrate the beautiful nature we have around us and to make a commitment to care for the environment and safeguard it for the future.

The theme for the contest is based strictly on topics of environment and nature.

The competition will run in following THREE categories:


Foto Feature (I)

This is the main competing event that aims to test not only your eye for detailing but your brain for ideating too. The photo feature event will test participant’s skills of narrating an environmental based issue through a series of five photographs thus weaving out a story with help of pictures and detailed description of through captions. The topic of which will be disclosed to the participants on the day of the event.


Best Fotograph (II)

The participant can submit ONE of his best picture which should be based on subject of People and their relation with Environment, the beautiful nature and animal kingdom, which would include all creatures and their habitat.

Best Nature Shot (III)

The participant will be allowed to submit ONE of his best nature shot clicked any time during the year.